Hi there! I’m Emma Angelone and I’m so happy you found me!

I’m the writer, founder and content creator here at Art Play Heart. I live in beautiful Melbourne, Australia, with my little family and our big imaginations (including our furry family member, Mochi our cat, who practices a unique form of feline art, mostly based on scratchwork. She’s our resident Deconstructionist).

Professionally I have a background as an Art Therapist and Social Worker, having studied a Bachelor of Social Work and an Advanced Diploma of Art Therapy. I have since been honoured to have witnessed many individuals from all walks of life use art and creativity to improve their overall wellbeing. My primary interest since having my own child has evolved to focus on how creativity and art making can support children and families.

Personally I have been playing with art materials and creating for as long as I can remember!

What is at the Heart of Art Play Heart?

I care deeply about children’s creativity and about supporting parents, guardians and caregivers of any stripe who want to use art and creativity to connect and bond with their children. If you want to encourage and nurture your child’s innate creativity you’re in the right place!

What goes on at Art Play Heart?

At APH I share inspiration, ideas and encourage you to enjoy, make art, and connect with the children in your life through playful and simple art experiences. In doing so I hope you will find moments of connection and find ways to nurture your child’s creativity while supporting them on their journey through childhood and beyond.

At Art Play Heart you will find:

  • Easy and engaging art activities and ideas for children of all ages.
  • Creative and imaginative ways to connect and bond with the little people in your life.
  • Simple tricks and tips to build creativity into your everyday routines with children.
  • Free and simple how-to-guides and resources to start you on your creative journey together.
  • Art activities that you can make from things you already have around your house! (no fancy art materials needed).
  • Encouragement to experiment with art materials in new ways.
  • Process driven art experiences that focus on the process, not the final product.
  • Ways to nurture your own creativity as a parent, guardian or caregiver.
  • A supportive community of likeminded people.
  • Lots of colour, laughter and FUN!

My Approach

I see creative experiences as providing many benefits to a child’s overall development and wellbeing. Creating art is well received by children as it can be experienced in playful and gentle ways that support children to learn about themselves and the world around them.

Creative expression from a young age is a wonderful way to encourage and enhance a child’s communication skills, nurture their imagination, gain confidence and help to build resilience. These are all valuable skills to have in life.

Creating and making art together as a family is not only fun and playful, it also strengthens family bonds and opens ways to communicate and be together!

As an Art Therapist I have seen many people gain confidence and develop resilience through creating art.  I believe everyone has the capacity to be creative! In fact, I know it!

The art experiences I invite you to try on Art Play Heart emphasise the process of creating rather than the final product. The value is in the making, the final creation is the cherry on the top. I encourage you to follow your child’s lead, support them to make their own choices, put their own spin on things and, most importantly, have FUN with the process and enjoy being together!

As I raise my son I want him and my family to experience the many benefits of making and creating art together, I hope you will join us.

Any questions, suggestions or feedback? Please feel welcome to reach me here: hello@artplayheart.com

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