Easy Paper Plate Flowers – Get creative this spring!

There is something about a paper plate that just screams paint me! Or is that just me? please tell me I’m not the only one. These Paper plates can be easily transformed into beautiful spring flowers in just a few simple steps. They will brighten any room.

The flowers are finally starting to bloom, so why not make some big gorgeous, colourful flowers to leap into spring!

I saw a version of this on pink strippy socks and had to give them a go. We changed them up a little by adding a stem and used both watercolour and acrylic paints. And of course, we add some pompoms, because and it wouldn’t be an APH activity without some type of pompoms and or embellishments.

What you will need to make these bright and happy paper plate flowers

Plain white paper plates

Watercolour and or acrylic paints




Pompoms and anything else you want to decorate and embellish with.

Pipe cleaners

How to make your spring paper plate flower

Step 1

Cut out 3 or 4 different petal shapes in various sizes like this.

Step 2

Curl up the petal edges by rolling around a testa or pencil like this. This step is best done before you assemble the flower.

Step 3

Staple together in the centre.

Step 4

Get painting!

Step 5

Add your pompoms and decorate your paper plate flowers with some embellishments.

Tapping two paintbrushes together that had been loaded with paint led to some really great splattered effects over the flower.

We attached a few leaves with a few more staples and glued them on a pipe cleaner stem.

Once everything is dry, you can curl up the leaves again and fluff them out, which will make them appear more 3D.

These are bright colourful and definitely welcome in spring.

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About Emma - Founder of Art Play Heart and passionate advocate of getting as many children as possible to enjoy art making in their lives! There is nothing more magnificent than watching a child or anyone for that matter flourish and discover themselves and the world around them through being creative and making art in all its glorious forms.

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