Create a spring bird! Art project for kids (with pictures)

Cardboard spring birds art project for kids

Spring is well and truly here and to celebrate I thought I would share my spring bird art project for kids. This project was inspired by the coming of spring and my little magpie enthusiast.

With just a handful of recycled materials and some paint, you can create this spring bird with your little one too. Hang your bird on display or use it during imaginative play. Either way, your little one is sure to love it!

An opportunity to create together

Man and toddler gluing objects onto bird template while seated at table

Making this project together as a family was so much fun, I don’t know who was enjoying it more grown-up or toddler? Creating and experimenting with art materials is a great way to connect as a family.

An opportunity to play together

Once the paint and glue had dried we played with our spring birds, creating a nest for them out of cardboard boxes and flying them around the living room. The project also got us talking about spring and the changes we can see in nature.

What you will need to create your spring bird

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Pre-cut cardboard bird shapes (we went with a magpie shape) you can let the child/ren draw and cut their own bird shape, for younger children you can pre-cut them.

Craft glue


Washable paint

Various collage items: feathers, googly eyes, stickers, pompoms, foam shaped stickers, coloured paper from leftover art projects, tissue paper.

Smaller pre-cut cardboard shapes


Step 1: Draw & cut out your spring bird

Hand holding black marker drawing outline of bird on cardboard

Draw the outline of your bird or find an image online to use as a guide. Maybe try drawing a bird that is local to your area.

Set out the smaller pre-cut cardboard shapes, glue and paintbrushes.

Step 2: Arrange the pre-cut shapes onto your spring bird

Arrange the pre-cut cardboard shapes onto the bird and glue down.

Step 3: Paint your spring bird

Provide one or two paint colours and the same amount of paintbrushes.

Encourage your child/ren to choose what colours they would like to use and how much of their spring bird they would like to paint. We used different hues of blue and green to paint our birds.

Quick Tip graphic

By allowing your child to make choices over the materials they would like to use they begin to build confidence in their decision-making abilities.

Step 4: Collage & embellish your spring bird

container filled feathers, pompoms,buttons, colourful paper
Child's hand placing feather onto cardboard cut out of a bird

Younger children and toddlers seem to love exploring different materials so collage always seems like a natural go-to when thinking about embellishing a project.

Offer a variety of collage materials in containers some ideas might include feathers, googly eyes, tissue paper, pompoms. Encourage your child to choose what they would like to glue to their bird and how much they want to use. My little artmaker wanted to use every feather he could find.

Step 5: Create a nest for your spring bird art project

We made a nest for our spring bird from a cardboard box and some tissue paper, you could go even go outside and collect some twigs and leaves to create a lovely nest for your bird.

Step 6: Play with your spring bird art project

Perhaps you could create a nest for your bird? We created one out of a cardboard box with some soft tissue paper. We also zoomed around the room flying like the birds.

Children learn so much from the process of playing, so much of those foundational skills are learnt and practised when children play. Skills like problem-solving and coordination, learning how to play together and social dynamics.

Don’t forget that adults can have just as much fun zooming around the room and being a bird in full flight. Embrace your inner child!

Final thoughts

I really adored this project, not only did it allow for lots of creative freedom, exploring different art materials but it also allowed for lots of imaginative play, learning and helped us to play and connect as a family.

If you make these spring birds please comment and tell me how you went.

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